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Unknown Disease Kills Five Children in Monduli District

At least five children have lost their lives from an unidentified disease which is currently causing alarm in the Monduli District of Arusha.

The dead victims were all members of the same family in the Mswakini Ward of Monduli.

According to the Mswakini Ward Councilor, Nanga Lenasira Mollel, the youngsters’ deaths have been occurring in sequence between July 5 and July 19, 2022.

The fifth child, a girl known as Veronica, passed away while undergoing treatment at the Regional Hospital of Mount Meru in Arusha City.

Veronica and three others were referred to the Regional Health Center after their conditions worsened.

Bosi Nyangusi was the first victim of the strange disease. He complained of sharp stomach pains and died a few hours later on July 5.

The other four children later developed the same abdominal pains and were rushed to the Tanzania Military Academy (TMA) hospital in Monduli for treatment.

After their conditions improved, the youngsters got discharged but upon returning home, they fell ill again, this time more serious such that they had to be referred to the Regional Hospital.

While being treated at the Mount Meru Hospital, one of the children, Saimalie, passed away on July 16.

The following day on July 17 two more youngsters, Lemali and Sophia died on their respective hospital beds.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Veronica, a class three pupil at Mswakini Primary School also died while undergoing medical treatment at Mount Meru Hospital.

The Mswakini Village Chairman, Nanga Karani said his office has been following up on the incident since the disease was first reported.

Lesono Lendoya, a member of the family from which the children come, said the deceased were complaining of sharp abdominal pain coupled with swollen stomachs.

At first it was suspected that the children could have consumed some poisonous food but since their illness has defied medical treatment people are wondering what could be the problem.

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