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Night Guard, Reaps life Sentence for Sexually Defiling Little Girl

As children in Tanzania continue to suffer sexual violence, a 30-year-old man has been convicted in Arusha for raping a minor

Tanzania Times

A 30 year-old man in Arusha has been sentenced to serve lifetime in Prison after being found guilty of sexually defiling a 6-year-old girl (Name witheld).

Fadhil Sumayani, a resident of Oltumetu area, who used to work as night watchman at construction site in Arumeru District, reportedly pounced on the little girl who happened to be walking by.

According to the filed case number 31 of 2021 the little girl was attacked by the accused as she was on her way back home after buying some items at the local grocery store.

The incident occured at Seuli Village in the Oltumetu Ward of Arumeru District of Arusha Region.

The victim is a class three pupil at the Emawoi Primary School in Arumeru District of Arusha Region.

Presiding at the Arumeru District Court, the Resident Magistrate of the Arumeru District Court, Gwantwa Mwankuga found the accused guilty of the offence.

Witnesses’ accounts, tangible evidence as well as medical examination reports from the hospital where the badly injured girl was taken after the attack solidified the case against Sumayani.

The 30-year-old male watchman, allegedly grabbed and pinned down the little girl.

He then forced entry into the child, including sodomizing his victim as per medical reports.

The Child’s mother, who had sent the child to the shop, reportedly became worried when the girl took long.

Thinking her child was probably lost, she reported the matter to the local village office and together with other villagers they started searching for the missing girl.

She was found at a remote roadside hurt and crying.

When questioned, the girl explained what happened and the suspect was apprehended.

The case ran for nearly 11 months before verdict was issued.

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