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Rally Champion Gurpal Sandhu And Ten Years of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10

Tanzania National Rally Championship title holder, Gurpal Sandhu has a secret.

It comes in the form of his dependable machine, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10, which coincidentally, is also clocking 10 years in the motor sporting field.

Sandhu returns to defend the National Rally Crown, in the African Rally Championship which for the first time takes place in the Northern Zone Region of Tanzania, Arusha to be precise, but Monduli in particular.

The Country’s Rally czar maintains his long term navigator, Dave Sihoka with whom he won the Mkwawa Rally of Iringa in May 2022.

Gurpal Sandhu is currently the overall 2021-2022 National Rally Champion in Tanzania.

“The Tanzania Atlantic Rally is a tough event, plus being the most competitive one as it features drivers from all over the world,” says Sandhu.

But Sandhu is confident of winning this third round of the National Rally Championship.

“I am also glad that this time the African Rally Championship takes place in Arusha,” he maintains.

The Weather for Arusha, Tanzania in July is usually a hybrid of chilly mist coupled with sunny periods.

But what about his trusty Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10?

Imported it from Japan ten years ago but it has already undergone some important upgrading.

It is the same machine which has been racing Sandhu ahead of the packs to the finishing lines in a number of motor rally competitions.

When it comes to motor sports in Tanzania, however it is usually Subaru and Mitsubishi cars that dominate lineups.

Even this time, in the Fourth Round of FIA African Rally Championship, there are 11 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution cars, the only difference being their Numerical Monikers, ranging between Evo 9 and Evo 10.

Subaru tops the lineup as there are 14 Impreza models racing in the ARC Round 4, billed as Tanzania Atlantic Rally 2022.

However, the top two rounds of the African Rally Championship held in Ivory Coast and Kenya, respectively were both won by Ford Fiesta cars.

And for the Round 4 of the ARC taking place in Arusha, there are Eight Ford Fiestas on the tracks.

These include, two Ford Fiesta Protos, two Ford Fiesta R5 and Four Ford Fiesta R3.

Then we have the two loners, a Skoda Proto and Hyundai I20 R5.

Participants hailing from Italy, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Zambia and the Host Tanzania, include previous winners of the African Rally Championship events.

So is Gurpal Sandhu retaining his coveted wheel spinning title?

The Victors at the Atlantic Mkwawa Rally of Iringa 2022
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