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US organization pumps fresh water into remote parts of Kondoa District in Central Tanzania

A not-for-profit organization based in the United States is turning on taps of fresh water in the wind-swept, drought struck remote parts of Kondoa District in Dodoma Region, Central Tanzania.

The ‘Water 4 Mercy,’ which utilizes an innovative approach that combines water access with agricultural solutions and community engagement to empower sub-Saharan communities, is pumping the precious liquids in the Ausia village, located in the secluded precinct of Kondoa District.

According to a statement from ‘Water for Mercy,’ the initiative aims at taking vital access to fresh water to the villagers in the area for the first time.

The village is currently home to 3,021 people who previously did not have access to clean water, forcing their residents to trek many kilometers during the dry seasons in search of the domestic water supply. Many of the water sources were also compromised by contamination.

Ausia Village has faced significant hardships as a result of the use of contaminated water sources, including a high prevalence of waterborne diseases like typhoid and dysentery.

Also, in the process of getting this tainted water, it is common that women, who are traditionally tasked with water retrieval for the home, hurt themselves, are attacked by animals and in many cases raped.

“We are overjoyed to expand the efforts of ‘Water 4 Mercy’ into the Ausia village, bringing dignity to these villagers and empowering them to overcome the deeply rooted cycles of poverty they have faced for generations,” said Water 4 Mercy Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nermine Khouzam Rubin.

“This work would not be possible without the collaboration of our partners at Innovation: Africa, Cultivaid, and the Don Bosco Technical Institutes, as well as the generous donations of our patrons.”

Work on the project began in May of 2023 with a geophysical survey conducted by Water 4 Mercy’s partner organization, Innovation: Africa.

In the months following, Water 4 Mercy successfully tapped into the underground aquifer to access the freshwater.

They have conducted thorough water quality assessments, implemented the installation of water pumps, as well as the solar panels to operate the pumps, and enlisted the support of local villagers to construct a facility to house the newly installed 10,000-liter water tank system.

Additionally, the groundwork for pumping has been excavated, taps have been strategically placed throughout the village for easy access, and remote monitoring technology has been integrated to guarantee seamless operation and facilitate troubleshooting of the entire system.

In less than five years, the organization has impacted the lives of over 67,000 Africans through its partnerships with 18 communities in Tanzania and Kenya to provide critical access to freshwater and agricultural training.

Using its unique three-pronged approach, Water 4 Mercy helps African communities break out of their cycles of poverty and helps current generations build the foundation for the future.

Its model empowers local residents to ensure the long-term impact of its work and the recipients’ ability to maintain their own communities.

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