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Africa Women Cup 2024: Uganda wins trophy as Kenya gets to host the 2025 soccer tourney

Uganda emerges winner of the inaugural Africa Women Cup 2024 in Arusha as Kenya braces to host follow-up event in 2025. But what is it all about?

Tanzania hosted the maiden Africa Women Cup, special soccer tourney in 2024.’

But after two inspiring sporting days in Arusha, Ugandan players were crowned the overall winners of the maiden Africa Women’s Cup 2024, beating other eight participating countries.

The Ugandan women team took the trophy after thrashing the host country Tanzania, a whopping 6-1 during the final match played on Sunday, the last day of June 2024.

The Africa Women Cup, organized by the Homeless World Cup was held at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) grounds in Kijenge ward of Arusha.

It is a special kind of soccer played in cubicles and featuring just eight players, four on each side of the game.

The Future Stars Academy (FSA) of Arusha coordinated the Women Soccer Cup 2024 season events in Arusha.

On the other hand, Kenya will get to host the follow-up season of the Africa Women Cup to be held in Nairobi around this time next year.

As for the 2024 season matches in Tanzania, the organizers described the feat here to have been a wonderful active weekend, colored by energetic and vocal crowds.

They revealed that all the eight teams that were competing in the Africa Women Cup did themselves and their respective countries proud.

“This is just the beginning of the Homeless World Cup’s newest tournament as the Foundation looks to grow the women’s game in Africa and globally, supporting those who need it the most.” Said James McMeekin the Chief Operating Officer for the Homeless World Cup Foundation.

He pointed out that Football has the power to change lives and also bring joy, unity and smiles to the faces of those playing and those watching.

“The First Women Africa Cup targets to protect vulnerable women from exploitation,” stated Mc Meekin.

The Arusha Regional Football Association Chair Zakayo Mjema said this type of soccer is new in that it is played on smaller grounds featuring fewer players.

“We need to emulate this kind of football and introduce it to our schools and encourage girls to participate,” said Mjema.

As for the local hosts, the Future Stars Academy, expressed gratitude and appreciation to everyone who played a part in making the first Africa Women’s Cup 2024 in Tanzania a huge success.

The FSA Director, Alfred Itaeli said the Women Cup was the first such event to ever take place on the continent and that Tanzania has been honored to host the inaugural tourney.

Countries that participated in the Africa Women Cup include the host Tanzania, the winners Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

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