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Mystery surrounds death of Tanzanian Youth in Israel as his mate remains missing

Mystery sound’s the death of a Tanzanian who is reported to have lost his life in the Middle East under the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Islamic Resistant Movement Group, Hamas.

An official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tanzanian simply confirms that Clemence Felix Mtenga who was reported missing following the war which broke out in Israel, is now dead.

It is being believed that Mtenga, who was a Tanzanian Student in Israel was being held hostage by the Palestinian Sunni Islamist Militia Group among other international captives under Hamas.

But how he died is something which the government statement fails to reveal.

Was Felix Mtenga killed? Did he try to escape? Could the student and his other missing mate have suffered torture?

Clemence Mtenga (Left) lost his life in Israel while his mate, Joshua Mollel (Right) is still missing

So far the late Clemence is the only Tanzanian in the Middle East whose reports have been made public, the fate of others remains uncertain.

The late Mtenga who is one of the two Tanzanians reported missing in Israel, has just met an undisclosed fate.

Questions remain over the other Tanzanian Captive Joshua Mollel who was also caught up in the crisis and suspected to have been among the foreign hostages being held in Gaza.

At the onset of the latest conflict, there were 260 Tanzanians living in Israel. Majority of them happen to be students undertaking agricultural studies.

Due to irresponsibility among officials among other factors, the late Clemence Mtenga and Joshua Mollel remain unaccounted for as the turmoil in the Middle East gets worse.

Apart from the students, so far nobody knows whether there are other Tanzanians stuck in Israel, either being held hostage or dead for that matter as communication to this effect remains an opaque wall.

Tanzanian institutions are known for being horrid at sharing information, whether good or bad.

What the Tanzanian government claims at the moment is that there are some coordinated efforts to fly the remains of Clemence’s body back into the country for a dignified burial.

While the dead gets this treatment, the living are still not sure of their fate, indicating a rather a sombre chapter for the nation and all Tanzanians currently abroad, especially in war torn areas.