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Is the Arusha Technical College building a Hospital in the City?

How strange does it sound for a college specializing in technical, mechanical and engineering studies, to build and run own hospital?

In Tanzania, sky seems to be the limit for the Arusha Technical College which is currently doing exactly that … constructing a modern hospital in the Northern City.

The proposed fully-fledged medical facility, according to the college management, is in the final stages and set to go into operation sometimes in February 2024.

The Arusha Technical College (ATC) Rector, Dr Musa Chacha explained that though the hospital is intended to be a practical learning therapeutic hub for students undertaking biomedical studies, the facility will also operate as a fully fledged medical centre for treating patients suffering from various ailments.

“Once completed the hospital will provide medical services such as eye treatments, mother and child care, respiratory problems, various forms of surgeries, dental care and ear infections,” stated Dr Chacha while addressing students, parents and other guests during the college’s 15th Graduation Ceremony held at the ATC premises.

The proposed ATC Hospital (Photo by Hazla Omar)

Other than the hospital which is nearing completion, the Arusha Technical College has also accomplished the construction of female students’ dormitory building, a four storey structure set to ease the girls from problems of seeking accommodation outside the campus.

The facility has been designed to accommodate more than 400 students.

The Guest of Honor during the graduation ceremony was the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Omary Kipanga who lauded the ATC for the great stride that the college is currently making.

“I would like to commend the Arusha Technical College for introducing eight new curricula that go in sync with modern times to address emerging challenges such as negative effects of climate change,” said the Deputy Minister.

In realizing the importance of technical and vocational training, Tanzania is allocating over 100 billion/- for the establishment of vocational education training centres.

According to the Deputy Minister they are being established in 64 councils, some of which were yet to have such facilities, including the new Songwe Region in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

During the ATC graduation a total of 833 graduates were awarded with merits of completing their studies at the technical institution.

The students were undertaking studies in electricity, engineering, Information Technology, aerospace, computer engineering and hydroelectric, among others.

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