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Tanzania Atlantic Rally 2022: Let The Engines War Begin

Tyres will burn, dust raised and stones turned as the Tanzania Atlantic Rally takes off from Arusha in few days time.

The African Rally Championship event which gets flagged off from Mount Meru Hotel grounds on Saturday, July 23, has so far enlisted 35 machines including a lonely Skoda.

But it is the chest thumping duo from Uganda who seem to be curtain raising the show with some Armageddon oriented remarks.

The Flying Bombardier from Uganda are threatening to land in Arusha and shell the Tanzania Atlantic Rally routes to pieces, in their well oiled machine

The Kampala riders boast to be ‘Fearing no Evo!’

With over 35 cars and 70 motorists gearing up for the African Rally Championship event which races from July 23, 2022 in the Northern Safari City, the wheel spinners from Uganda say they will leave no stone unturned.

Yassin Naser and Ali Katumba happen to be the 2021 African Rally Champions and also won the Uganda National Rally Championship (NRC) title in 2019. The following is their statement;

“Arusha ‘load N’ lock!’ The mighty Moil rally team. The flying bombardier we fear no ‘Evo,’ sijui ‘Proto and Protos,’ We only mean business and we are on a mission to accomplish. We leave no stone unturned. Miss us at your own risk catch up with us in Arusha coz we are coming.”

Indeed, they are. Why? There is even a picture of them loading their Subaru onto a truck, shipping the Imprezza into Tanzania.

Speak No Evo: The Ugandan Bombardiers are ready to race

As for ‘Fearing No Evo,’ it is a Pun Intended statement, because the other cars competing in Tanzania Atlantic Rally happen to be Mitsubishi Evolutions (Evo).

Proto? Well that is the Badge Moniker for the One and Only Skoda car, courtesy of Gurjit Dhani and Riyaz Ismail, racing in the Hari Singh Rally Team.

But there is another Subaru coming from the West, this one is a Burundian Machine, out to teach the warriors from the East a few lessons.

The silent killers come in form of the Awan Din Rally Team of Bujumbura ready for Tanzania Atlantic Rally 2022 , the African Rally Championship round 4, in Arusha. Now, that is what I call a Rally.

Yellow Submarine …. No Yellow Subaru ….Oh! Wrong again. It is a Yellow Mitsubishi Evolution

If they were the ‘Beatles’ they could be living in a ‘Yellow Submarine,’ but apparently these are Altaaf Munge and Shehzad Munge.

The due are racing for the Munge rally team in the African Rally Championship driving in a Yellow Subaru…..Oh! Sorry, Yellow Mitsubishi Evo.

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