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Ugandan Driver Discovers Morogoro Rally is Never a Joyride

He may have outraced other motorists in the previous Guru Nanak Rally of Arusha, but the Ugandan Driver was no match for Morogoro terrains, in fact he couldn’t even complete the Rally.

The Ugandan Driver Yassin Naser, who won in the Arusha Guru Nanak Rally, which was Round 5 of the National Rally Championships, returned to Tanzania for Round 6 in the Atlantic Rally of Morogoro.

Driving a Subaru Impreza, Naser together with Navigator Ali Katumba, was racing as the Moil Rally Team from Kampala among 11 other teams.

Only seven cars managed to drive to the finishing line. Naser’s Subaru was not among them.

The Atlantic Rally of Morogoro was won by drivers from Dar-es-salaam City.

Tufail Amin with Co-driver Manmeet Birdi won the Round 6 of National Rally Championships with their Subaru Impreza GC8.

Runner-up team was made up of Harinder Deere with Zubayr Predina in a Subaru Impreza MY06.

Competing as part of the Pandya Rally Team, in the NRC-6, motorist Dharam navigated by his usual co-driver, Mustafa Ally drove up in the third position.

A total of 11 cars, ten from Tanzania and one from Uganda, are competing in the NRC Atlantic Rally of Morogoro, with 22 participants taking part at the Tungi Estate.

Kevin Taylor and the only female participant in the NRC-6 Monica Lyimo, his co-driver managed the fourth position.

Prince Charles and Albert Paul in a Subaru Impreza MY06 finished in the fifth position.

At number six was Musa Mswaki and Said Hamis also driving an Impreza MY06.

The seventh and the last team to complete the race rode in Subaru Impreza GC8 with Zaneal Somji at the wheel as Ali Hamoud Ali navigated.

Manveer Birdi who was second in the previous Arusha Rally NRC-5 did not finish the rally.

He was racing together with his Kenyan navigator, Ravi Chana in the one and only Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to enter the Morogoro Rally and lost it to Subaru cars.

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