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Abood Versus BM Coach: Road Wars Enter New battlefield Along Dar-Arusha Route

The Abood Bus company of Morogoro is announcing the soon to commence, new passenger service route between Arusha and Dar-es-Salaam cities.

This however translate into renewed road war against its arch rival, BM Coach.

Of course the Abood’s red buses, have been operating passenger transport services between Arusha and Morogoro for more than 30 years, but never tried the Dar-Arusha route until now.

Will Abood manage to steal the show along the luxurious oriented Northern Route or the company’s book balancing will be in red, just like its Trademark color?

Because as it happens, the company’s biggest nemesis, BM Coach, is already covering the route between Arusha and Dar-es-salaam and doing well too.

BM Coach fleets feature White, Green and Blue colors, so, will the company whitewash its arch rival or face the blues ending up green with envy?

BM Coach is at the moment the King of the Northern bound routes, as far as good service and punctuality is concerned, but it seems Abood wants to burst this bubble.

The two firms are already at each other’s throats, competing along the Dodoma to Dar-es-salaam via Morogoro road.

But along the Dar-Moro route there is also Shabiby Line Bus Company fueling the battle.

The Gairo based Shabiby currently enjoys a niche market serving Dodoma to Kilimanjaro via Arusha route.

Shabiby Line is currently the king of Dodoma-Kilimanjaro via Arusha route. The company recently also extended the service between Babati, Manyara to Morogoro but via Dodoma.

BM once attempted the Arusha-Dodoma route but eventually threw in the towel, for some reason.

Along the Arusha-Dar-es-salaam route, BM Coach has been competing with Kilimanjaro Express in terms of comfort, but faces it off against the likes of Kidia One Bus and Dar Express, when it comes to speed.

Now it seems Abood also wants to follow BM, his top competitor in Morogoro, along the Northern route to rekindle the Champions League.

Abood’s latest decision is now slowly but surely extending the companies’ road wars to as far as Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions.

Nobody is counting on calculator, but both BM Coach and Abood Bus own some of the largest fleets of vehicles at their respective home depots as well as on roads, thanks to now readily available China Manufactured buses.

They both operate mostly the Yutong Buses of various sizes and models. The transport firms also compete in upgrading and refreshing their fleets annually.

Bus battles in Tanzania can sometimes turn lethal, last May a tout working the Abood Bus Company, in Morogoro, Abdillah Yassin, allegedly knifed to death a coal league the late Tarzani Mdeme, when the two were fighting over passengers at the Msamvu Bus terminal.

While speed and arrival times are the deciding factors along the Southern Tanzania routes, Comfort and onboard service are the common denominators on the Northern Highways.

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