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Satellite Timing Navigation for Guru Nanak Motor Rally in Arusha

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Tanzania is for the first time deploying a satellite-based radio navigation timing system in the country’s Motor Sporting event.

The technology being deployed in association with RBI-Sport, gets floated during an annual motor rallying sport in October 2022.

The Timing System from Bulgaria will be operated in conjunction with experts from Kenya during the Round 5 of the Atlantic Guru Nanal Rally.

The Rally takes place in Arusha, Northern Tanzania on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

It features the tamper-proof Timing system which guarantees fair competition.

More than 20 rally teams are participating in the round 5 of the Guru Nanak Rally 2022.

Rally Goes High-Tech

The RBI-Sport Rally Timing System is the only FIA approved system which is endorsed worldwide in international motorsports.

Arusha Motor Sports Club is delighted to announce our partnership with RBI Sport for the Guru Nanak Rally 2022. They will provide timing and tracking systems which is being done by the first and so far, only FIA certified company in the world. It will also be the first time it is being implemented in Tanzania. Our goal at AMSC is to provide accurate results and promote fair competition amongst competitors.


RBI-Sport is a highly specialized and respected company in the field of the motorsports providing numerous services for event organizers.

Event coordinator, Manmeet Singh, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Arusha Motor Sports Club AMSC Chairperson, said the Rally will feature at least 40 drivers and navigators.

The Guru Nanak Rally 2022 preparatory base is being set up at the Tanzania military Academy’s Dhahabu Resort in Monduli.

The Arusha Motor Sports Club Chairperson Stephen Lohay, says drivers participating in the Guru Nanak Rally come from Tanga, Morogoro, Dar-es-salaam and the hosting region of Arusha.

This Fifth round of Guru Nanak Rally covers over 137 kilometers of mostly the Monduli terrains.

Cars will race from TMA through Nanja, Monduli-Juu, Emairate, Monduli Township, Orkeswa and Lashaine among other areas.

Lohay says they have prepared special spectators’ zones where fans can watch the entire event with adherence to safety.

The weather in Arusha in the months of September, October and November is usually sunny.

Defender’s Evolution

Defending champion of Guru Nanak Rally 2021, Manveer Birdi makes a return again this year to reclaim the crown in their trusty Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX.

His navigator is usually Ravi Chana from Kenya, with whom they won the Guru Nanak Rally last year, but there is also Zubayr Piredina.

It was the first time for Birdi who hails from Dar-es-salaam, to win the Guru Nanak Rally in 2021.

But the Previous 2020 Guru Nanak Rally Winner was the Kenyan driver, Karan Patel, in a Ford Fiesta, being navigated by Tauseef Khan.

Patel, the Kenyan driver, first won the rally in 2018 with James Mwangi in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10.

But as of now, there are no news of any participant from either Kenya or Uganda.

Kenya, according to Manmeet Singh, has another rally event around that time as far as Motor sporting calendar listing is concerned.

About Guru Nanak Rally

The Motor sporting event is held annually to commemorate the birth of spiritual leader Gurū Nānak.

Also known as Bābā Nānak, he is the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus.

His birth is celebrated globally between October and November as Guru Nanak Gurpurab on Katak Pooranmashi.

After the Round 5 of Arusha, the Round 6 of Guru Nanak Rally comes up in December 2022 in Morogoro.

The Rally Timing System and Results

According to RBI Sport the timing systems rely on the world leader Tag Heuer for its measurements.

Pieces of equipment include over 30 Tag Heuer Chronoprinters, sets of radio and wired photo cells.

Data transmission devices feature various options for communication, including direct Iridium upload, which makes them the perfect solution for remote Cross-Country rally applications.

They also offer RFiD solutions with Tag Heuer stickers or Geotraq Com-Box and Start clocks tracking, that eliminates the man-made errors and brings more thrust to the competitors.

The technology for processing data from TAG-Heuer timing equipment and GPS tracking devices guarantees accurate time records and automated validation of control points.

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