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Bomb Inside Bank: Security Forces Blow Up Briefcase Containing Explosives

Burning coat leads to planted Bomb inside an NMB Bank of Shinyanga Town in the Lake Zone

It took both the police and army interventions to defuse a bomb planted inside a briefcase within a bank building in Shinyanga Town.

The explosives were taken into the NMB Bank Premises at Manonga section of Shinyanga Municipality by an unidentified old man.

The Shinyanga Regional Police Commander, Jaeth Magomi has confirmed the incident saying the suspect has already been arrested.

“We have arrested the man, suspected of planting the bomb in the bank and he is currently being whisked to court,” said the Police Commander.

Earlier reports indicate that an old man believed to be in his 60s who was dressed in a long grey coat had walked into the bank foyer with a black briefcase, proceeding to the bulk cash transaction area.

Attendants and other customers thought the man was laden with cash, thus the seemingly heavy briefcase.

The Old Man pretended to be busy filling depositing slips and during the process he placed the briefcase on the floor then took off his coat and laid it on top of the carrycase.

But shortly after the suspect took out a matchbox and set fire to the coat before rushing out, leaving confusion and panic in the smoke-filled bank.

Bank workers tried their best to put out the fire using the available fire extinguishers as others called the fire brigade.

However, when they saw a briefcase beneath the blazing heavy coat, the bank staff suspected danger and called the police.

The Police upon nnalyzing the situation, suspected terror attack.

They dragged the briefcase out using a rope tied to its handle.

Upon screening the case, the police realized it indeed contained dangers materials.

The carrycase was laden onto a truck and taken to Kambarage Police Barracks open range fields.

Officers from the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) later arrived at the venue and managed to blow into pieces the briefcase together with explosives contained inside.

The Briefcase in the foreground at the police barracks of Shinyanga

The explosion dispersed debris around the radius of 40 meters, into open space.

Observers wonder the damage and deaths that could have occurred if the case had exploded within the bank walls enclosure.

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