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First Penile Implant Surgery achieved successfully in Dodoma, Tanzania

Tanzania is reporting to have made what is being described as Ground-breaking achievement in the country’s medical field.

Reports from the Ministry of Health say the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital has managed to successfully perform the country’s first penile implant surgeries.

This milestone in urological surgery restored functionality for two patients with non-functional penises a problem said to have been developed from various diseases.

The Penile implant surgery was accomplished in collaboration with the Tanzanian Association of Urological Surgeons (TAUS) and a French specialist.

According to reports, the team at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital inserted special implants, marking a significant advancement in Tanzania’s healthcare capabilities

“This medical breakthrough at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital signifies a major advancement in Tanzania’s healthcare sector. Successful penile implant surgeries not only enhance the quality of life for patients but also position Tanzania as a leader in complex urological procedures.” The report stated.

Operating from Dodoma City, the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital is a tertiary public hospital.

The facility was the second hospital in the country to perform kidney transplants in 2018. But the health center happens to be the first hospital in the country to accomplish the feat with an entire Tanzanian staff.

Benjamin Mkapa Hospital named after the third President of Tanzania, the late Benjamin William Mkapa is an ultra-modern diagnostic and treatment centre located in the central parts of the country.

It was reportedly established to cater for the need to provide quality specialized health services that may not be offered elsewhere in the country.

The facility management says it achieves that through by providing quality specialized health services intending to reduce the government the burden of referring patients with serious diseases for treatment abroad.

Recently, the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar also declared to be ready to co-operate with the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital of Dodoma as far as provision of various medical services is concerned.

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