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Charging and Recharging World Cup Balls

The FIFA World Cup 2022 tourney, taking place in Qatar is all the rage at the moment.

And, the difference between this year’s World Cup and Previous ones, seems to be technology.

This year everything is high-tech and the fact that the oil rich Qatar has some change to spare, make it even more state-of-the-art.

In Qatar everything glimmers. Even the balls that are being kicked around the pitches.

Of course, we are not mentioning the restricted alcohol in venues being one of the few reasons that organizers may think twice before hosting such international sports events in precincts that take religion too seriously.

Back to technology which range from responsive stadium structures to soccer balls that have brains of their own.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 balls are charged before and after every game.

As it happens, the balls used at the World Cup in Qatar, supplied by Adidas, have a high-tech sensor which needs to be charged. 

The sensor is powered by a small battery, which Adidas said can last for six hours of active use, or up to 18 days when not.

The sensor, which weighs just 14 grams, gives ball-tracking in real-time; with cameras positioned around the pitch helping referees to determine offside and other questionable decisions.

Any time the ball is kicked, headed, thrown or even so much as tapped, the system picks it up at 500 frames per second. That is how many?

Data is sent in real time from sensors to a local positioning system (LPS), which involves a setup of network antennas installed around the playing field that take in and store the data for immediate use. 

When a ball flies out of bounds during the course of play, and a new ball is thrown or kicked in to replace it, KINEXON’s backend system automatically switches to the new ball’s data input without the need for human intervention.

Now that is technology on the pitch in 2022. Future matches may even have the digital octopus to predict the winners.

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