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These are the Most Popular Cruise Liners on Instagram

Royal Caribbean is the most popular cruise line on Instagram, boasting more than 1.9 million hashtags on the social media platform while recording 7.4 million searches on Google.

BacanaPlay of Brazil, analysed hashtag numbers on Instagram and Google search counts of world-famous cruises to find the most Instagram-famous cruises.

The initial list of cruise lines was determined using their popularity on major travel platforms and ranked according to Instagram hashtag amount.

The possible summer destinations were then determined, and the cruise price for a week trip for 1 was calculated using data from each cruise website.

From the study, therefore it was discovered that Seabourn Cruise Line offers the most expensive option for a week cruise at USD 3,681.67 while being the least famous on Instagram.

Meanwhile Princes Cruise offers the cheapest option for a 7-day cruise.

Titanic of leisure? Royal Caribbean which operates the world’s biggest vessels in history, tops the ranking of the most Instagram-famous cruises with 1.9 million hashtags on Instagram. It is also the most searched-for cruise on Google, with 7.4 million searches.

A seven-day cruise to summer destinations like the Bahamas, Bermuda, or Latin America will cost USD 1,183.33 on average.

Disney Cruise ranks second as the most Instagram-famous cruise, with 1.6 million hashtags on Instagram.

The price of a seven-day cruise is, however, quite costly averaging at USD 3,457.67 especially in summer, because of the Halloween and other themed cruises.

The Third most Instagram-famous cruise is Carnival Cruise with 1.2 million hashtags on Instagram. Although both Instagram hashtags and Google searches are high in number, the average cost of their seven-day cruise is really low at USD 650.00.

On the other hand, MSC Cruise, priced at USD 646.00, almost the same as previous, ranks 4th as the most Instagram-famous cruise. The Instagram hashtag count drops significantly for MSC Cruises reaching only 561K.

Coming fifth is the Celebrity Cruise as the most Instagram-famous cruise with 466K hashtags. A seven-day cruise to one of the summer destinations like the Caribbean, Bahamas, or Mexico can be enjoyed for only USD 866.67 a person.

At number six id Princess Cruise on the list of the most Instagram-famous cruises in the world, with 435K hashtags on the platform. Aside from being the 6th, it also offers the cheapest option for a seven-day cruise at USD 533.33 on average.

The 7th most Instagram-famous cruise in the world is Norwegian Cruise Line, with 428K hashtags on Instagram.

A surprising contrast was observed when it came to Google searches. Despite being tagged 428K times on Instagram, it was searched 5.7 million times on Google, making it the second most searched cruise after Royal Caribbean.

Costa Cruise secures the eighth spot of the most Instagram-famous cruises with 218K Instagram hashtags. Despite being 8th on the list with Instagram hashtags, the number of Google searches is the lowest on the list at 165K.

Holland America secures Ninth place on the list of the most Instagram-famous cruises with 201K hashtags on Instagram. Summer destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe can be enjoyed at USD 1,382.18 for a week’s trip.

Finally, Seabourn Cruise Line, with 20K hashtags on Instagram, rounds up the ranking of the most Instagram-famous cruises. Despite its lower social media presence, it offers a seven-day cruise averaging USD 3,681.67, the highest of all the listed.

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