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World Cup in Tanzania? 300 Soccer Teams Head to Arusha

A small world cup tourney will be taking place in Tanzania as nearly 300 football teams from across the globe fly to Arusha for Youth soccer Tournament.

As the whole world focuses on World Cup 2022 in Qatar, some other 300 soccer teams from around the globe are travelling to Tanzania for the East African Youth Soccer Tournament.

To held in the Northern City of Arusha, the 13th instalment of Chipkizi Cup has attracted teams from more than ten countries with thousands of participants in between them.

They include Nigeria, Cameroon, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya, as well as the host Tanzania and Zanzibar Isles

The East African Youth Chipkizi Cup is organized by the Future Stars Academy of Arusha.

The matches will be taking place on various venues, including UWC grounds, Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium, Braeburn fields, Saint Constantine and at the Tanganyika Game Trackers (TGT) grounds.

To be held in Arusha from 13 December 2022 to 18 December 2022 the tourney is also going to be getting support from the National Spanish League of LaLiga.

It is also the first time that LaLiga gets to support the East African Youth Soccer Tourney in Arusha, according to the Future Stars Academy Director, Alfred Itaeli.

Speaking previously, Jorge Gazapo, the LaLiga International Development envoy representing Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi said it was a pleasure for Laliga to be involved in the East African Chipkizi cup.

Transforming from a mere East African soccer tourneys and becoming International, the Chipkizi Cup which enters into its 13th year has so far attracted more than ten countries.

Some of the participating teams include the PE Academy of Zimbabwe, Vosovo Academy of Somalia, Janza Academy FC Strikers and Al Etihad of United Arab Emirates and NZE strikers from Nigeria.

Others are the Kensington Soccer Club, team from Washington, Amarigo, Paorinher Academies of Uganda, Ujuzi Soccer, Ligi Ndogo Academy and Rova Academy of Kenya as well as the JKU of Zanzibar.

There will also be football scouting agents from Spain, United Kingdom and Denmark.

Chipkizi Cup is an annual event

Youth and Grassroots football tournament held in Arusha every December for both Boys and Girls from different age categories from Under Seven, Under 9 (U9), Under 11, U13, U15, U17, U20 and Girls of Under 11, U15 and Under 20.

The Future Stars Academy (FSA) on the other hand, is a ‘goal orientated’ football training and youth empowerment program for vulnerable youth in Arusha district.

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