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From Spain with Love: LaLiga Comes to Town

The Spanish National League, LaLiga is moving in to support the East Africa Chipkiz Cup 2022.

The annual Youth Soccer tourney takes place in Arusha, each December.

This time teams from outside the continent, that is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States (US), are debuting into the league for the first time.

There are also new teams from African countries including Nigeria, Somalia and Nigeria.

Taking place in the Northern City of Arusha from December 13 to 18, 2022 the East African Youth Soccer tournament is this time also getting support from the National Spanish League of LaLiga.

Chipkizi Cup 2022 Rocks

It is the first time that LaLiga gets to support the East African Youth Soccer Tourney in Arusha, according to the Future Stars Academy Director, Alfred Itaeli.

More than 220 teams have so far confirmed to participate in the forthcoming 2022 East African Youth Soccer Tourney to be held in Arusha in December.

The East Africa Chipkizi Cup, which is an annual international soccer event, is being organized by the Future Stars Academy with support from the National Spanish league of LaLiga.

Jorge Gazapo, the LaLiga International Development envoy representing Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi says it is a pleasure for Laliga to be involved in the Chipkizi cup.

“LaLiga commitment to the grassroots is unquestionable, that is the reason we are now in Arusha as we believe that the future of football sustainability is in the youth,” he said.

From what is happening now, the Chipkizi Cup is slowly but surely transforming from a regional soccer tourney and becoming International, football league in its own style.

The East Africa Chipkizi Cup has existed for nearly a decade and a half, clocking 13 years now.

A total of 220 teams. Thats how many?

More than ten countries, bringing 220 teams are participating in this year’s season.

Some of the teams include the PE Academy of Zimbabwe, Vosovo Academy of Somalia, Janza Academy FC Strikers and Al Etihad of United Arab Emirates and NZE strikers from Nigeria.

Others are the Kensington Soccer Club, team from Washington, Amarigo, Paorinher Academies of Uganda, Ujuzi Soccer, Ligi Ndogo Academy and Rova Academy of Kenya as well as the JKU of Zanzibar.

They are joining up with Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar.

LaLiga partners up to support Future Stars Academy and make an impact at the 2022 East African Chipkizi Cup.

The East African chipkizi Cup goes international as more than 220 teams have registered to participate confirms to participate in the East African Chipkizi Cup 2022. 

Alfred Itaeli

Chipkizi is an annual event! Youth and Grassroots football tournament held in Arusha every December for both Boys and Girls from different age categories from Under Seven, Under 9 (U9), Under 11, U13, U15, U17, U20 and Girls of Under 11, U15 and Under 20.

Future Stars Academy is a ‘goal orientated’ football training and youth empowerment program for vulnerable youth in Arusha district.

“We work to empower youth through three core activities: training, education and competition, FSA strives using football as the tool to inspire and motivate youth out of poverty, to stay in school and to become engaged model residents.”

Organizers say through football youth can learn many virtues and lessons to become ambassadors to their community- This tournament started because there is a lack of leagues or competitions for youth and kids. 

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