Why do people from around East Africa Migrate to Kenya?

The​re are various​ reason​s​ why ​many people from the region migrate to Kenya​.

Some of the stated reasons include their quests in search of education and other basic amenities​.

When it comes to the seven East African Community Member States Kenya seems to be the economic powerhouse.

The country’s education system also happens to be the best in the region.

That is​ according to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) ​which released the findings ​during the inauguration of the ​Third ​IGAD Regional Scientific Conference on Migration and Displacement in Nairobi.

The three-day conference brings together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and international institutions to share their experiences and knowledge​ on the matter.

That is in addition to providing​ policy recommendations on how IGAD and its Member States can more effectively protect vulnerable groups and increase the resilience of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons​.

It also intend​ ​to empower host communities to better mitigate the impact of changes of inclusion and social cohesion.

“The conference provides the much-needed platform for scholarly and policy interrogation on the relationship of inclusion and Social Cohesion with connecting research, data and policy. While creating room for in-depth discussions, scholars from diverse academic backgrounds will present research findings on migration dynamics with the aim of informing and shaping future directions on issues around migration and displacement.”

Ms  Fatia Alwan – Director Health social development division.

​Running under the ​t​heme of ​ ​“Inclusion and Social Cohesion Connecting research, data and policy” ​the conference ​resonates with the joint efforts of all stakeholders represented in bridging the gap of practice and research. 

​It was stated that policies and strategies can have significant impact when grounded on knowledge and practice coming from first-hand, qualitative and quantitative data.

In addition, ​the ​IGAD​ Sudan ​Chairperson Musa Atroon says that the outcome of the ​three​ day conference will be used by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development member states where solutions of migration and recommendation of handling the social economic dynamics.