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Atheists accuse President Ruto of pushing Christianity down Kenyans’ throats

The Atheists Kenya Society accuses President William Ruto of splashing Christianity all over Kenya and forcing the faith down everybody’s throats.

And that comes less than two months after being sworn in, the new President of Kenya.

Bill the fifth is already under attack for allegedly steering the country into the Christendom route, by force.

The Atheist Society of Kenya has come out guns blazing over the government for its more than fair involvement in religious matters.

‘No Jesus with that, Ruto!’

As it seems, William Samoei Ruto is also leaning more towards Christianity despite the fact that the country has many other religions.

But as far as the Atheists Society is concerned, a head of state should not drag the government wholesale into religion.

 “Granting more privileges to Christiana or Christianity is wrong.”

The Society’s President Harrison Mumia now calls upon the President and other government officials to practice neutrality when it comes to matters of faith.

“The Nairobi and other Statehouses should never be used to support or promote any religious ideology, no state organ or parastatal should be used to advocate for any type or belief, there should not be forced prayers or religious practice in any public or government institution.”

Harrison Mumia – Kenya Atheists Society

Kenya Atheist Society since its establishment some eight years ago has been under attack from theists, especially church groups.

The religious fanatics have bee vehemently opposing the Atheists Society, especially when the latter stated clear that there is no ‘God,’ and that Jesus was simpy a myth.

Now, whether he exists or not, the people of Kenya simply love their churches, in fact they enjoy worshipping and as of now Christianity is one of the most profitable businesses in the country.

However, the Atheist society find the religion rather disturbing, especially when its followers are compelled to make lost of noise during preaching in public.

Atheists also feel it is high time Religious Studies get deleted from school curricular.

Among the issues that the society is appealing to the county government that they may be outlawed, include the loud voices and music produced by worshippers during mass services.

Same case applies to the noise coming from Mosques’ loudspeakers, that are also seen by the atheists to be a nuisance to the public.

In Rwanda, President Paul Kagame recently banned noisy worshipping orgies.

The Vice president of the atheists’ society Maureen Temba says they strongly believe in the country’s constitution.

On 26 September 2022 a renowned legislator from Juja Constituency Dr Stephen Ndichu served the society a petition seeking to have the society suspended on grounds that their registration is unconstitutional and void.

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