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Hitech training reaches out to 80,000 students in East Africa


At least 80,000 students in East Africa stand to benefit from special technological learning program which also targets to train over 1400 teachers within the Region.

More than 400 schools in the East African region are in collaboration with the Digital Education Africa Network (DEAN), which targets to impact nearly 80,000 students and training over 1400 teachers.

DEAN has been a trailblazer in the education technology sector since 2001 by enhancing education and integrating IT in the classroom based on concrete demands from schools in Kenya and Tanzania.

This follows the rise in demand on computerizing education since the turn of the new millennium in 2000.

Digital Education Africa Network (DEAN) has recently raised close to Kenya Shilling 20 million in funding to help improve the quality of education in Kenya. 

The funding will sponsor over 30 schools across the country to build and sustain Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure by providing digital tools and digital literacy skills training. 

Technological Developments have changed how people communicate, interact and work, but that is not all. 

Technology has also altered the way children learn

Digital literacy, also known as virtual learning and e-learning, has become the potential to improve lifelong learning. 

DEAN assists schools in the Kenyan region to build an ICT infrastructure that makes the transition smooth and achieves successful outcomes. Within their 

CLASS works program DEAN combines a clear vision, expertise, hardware infrastructure and content. 

They provide schools with tablets that connect offline to a content server (ElimuPi).

The hosted content is visual and interactive, allowing teachers to make teaching STEM subjects more interactive and fun. 

The digital tools also allow students to learn and revise independently by doing quizzes, playing relevant educational games, and accessing a diverse offline digital library. 

The ElimuPi creates a portable educational hotspot which gives access to thousands of educational resources without the need for an internet connection.

It can run on grid power as well as on a battery pack which can be added on request. Ideal for remote locations. 

“Students perform better in the STEM subjects because learning is more practical and interactive. 

We have also recorded higher retention and concentration levels among the students as the tools tap into a child’s sense of play.” Says Dr Pamea, Principal of Magogoni Secondary School that cooperates with DEAN’s CLASS-works program. 

Teachers play a crucial role in the practical application of technologies in classrooms and, thus, how technologies improve a student’s performance. 

DEAN’s program supports teachers for at least 2 years, empowering them with 21st–Century skills and digital literacy skill

The changes in the teaching and learning methods is critical to make sure that teachers are aso equipped to stay ahead of the change.


Therefore, the role of DEAN is to provide schools with technical and training support for up to 2 years to ensure that the better results are achieved. 

“The constant support through training and in school demo workshops for the teachers is more confidence in the classroom and in nurturing new creative and innovative ways to teach, ” commented Dr. Waweru, Principal for Githunguri High School. 

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