White Hyena Pictured in Tarangire

The series of Strange colored animals’ episodes in Tanzania continue to unfold. A White Hyena has just been spotted in Tarangire.

Whoever spotted it first is yet to be identified, but was quick enough to snap a phot of the white Hyena.

Tarangire Park Conservator Ignace Gara admits that indeed a white hyena was seen in the precinct and that the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), are already on the case.

The White Hyena whose photo was shared by the Tarangire Park Management

Tarangire is the same National Park in which two white buffaloes were recently discovered, with the rather strange phenomenon causing global interest.

Ali Omar is the Tanzania National Park’s Conservation Ranger at Tarangire, he admits the white Hyena was seen in the Park, though the person who photographed it remains elusive.

Now again, a white Hyena is making scene within the same precinct less than two weeks after the two white buffaloes appeared in the National Park.

Previously also, a white giraffe was spotted in Tarangire, the second most popular National Park after Serengeti.

Earlier, a white baboon as well as white gazelles were reported in the same National wildlife reserve.

And as this is happening in Tarangire, a pale stripped Zebra was spotted and pictured at Ndutu, the wild expanse mapped between Southern Serengeti and Northern Ngorongoro.