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After Tarangire’s White Buffalo: Blonde Zebra Appears at Ndutu

Nature seems to be busy giving peculiar coats of paint to species of wildlife in Tanzania.

A blonde zebra, that has just appeared in Ndutu area, South of the Serengeti is the latest product of strange colored animals roaming the country’s Game Parks.

It is also a young a Zebra.

The Zebra with paler stripes (Photo: Rob Barbour)

Snapshots of the strangely colored Zebra were first revealed and posted online by the Management of Ndutu Safari Lodge.

The pictures of the ‘blonde’ Zebra were reportedly taken within the plains of Ndutu by Rob Barbour of the Epic Private Journeys

Ndutu, a wildlife rich landscape mapped in Northern parts of Ngorongoro where the Conservation Area borders the Southern Section of Serengeti National Park, is now home to the pale stripped Zebra.

“Now this was an unusual sight!! A blonde zebra! Usually these animals do not survive long in the wild as they become an easy target for predators, however this one did not seem to mind the extra attention it was attracting.”

Ndutu Safari Lodge

The first observation from Ndutu officials was that the ‘blondness’ is likely due to a lack of the pigment melanin in their skin.

They cited an example of leucism, giving them a lighter color. Likely one 1 in 3.5 milling zebra births result in a blonde zebra baby!

Leucism, by definition, is a wide variety of conditions that result in the partial loss of pigmentation in an animal.

It causes white, pale, or patchy coloration of the skin, hair, feathers, scales, or cuticles, but not the eyes.


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