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Remembering Mkomazi Rhino Project Founder, Tony Fitzjohn who died in 2022

Tarzan? Once Upon a young Tony Fitzjohn in the jungle

Legendary Conservationist Sir Anthony Raymond Fitzjohn OBE, who initiated the Black Rhino Project at Mkomazi National Park, has passed in May 2022.

Below is what the National Park Management wrote to announce the conservationist’s death.

Mkomazi mourns Tony

Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism through its former Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala also dispatched message of condolence to the conservator’s family.

But the News of Fitzjohn demise was initially broken by Sarah Valentine, the former Photographer at Laurel Magazine as well Bascom. She is the owner and Operator at ‘Uncharted Destinations.’

The late Tony Fitzjohn who inherited his traits from the late George Adamson his mentor during their time at Kora National Park in Kenya, also founded the African Wild Dog breeding program at Mkomazi.

Tony’s works at Mkomazi National Park

A trainer for other wildlife trainers, Fitzjohn was famous for his documentaries such as ‘The Leopards of Kora’ and ‘To Walk with Lions!’

His documentaries were mostly inspired by his lifelong passion for wildlife conservation efforts across the East African region.

Like his mentor, George Adamson, Tony cultured deep love and passion for wildlife but especially lions.

He contributed towards wildlife conservation and education throughout his life.

His rhino sanctuary and the program for breeding and releasing endangered African wild dogs earned Tony Fitzjohn the prestigious Order of the British Empire (OBE), awarded to him by the Her Majesty   Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Wanna ride?

Fitzjohn believed that George Adamson, who was shot dead in 1989 allegedly by Somali Bandits in Kenya, was murdered by design to stop his conservation work.

According to Fitzjohn, Adamson work at Kora may have gained him global approval, but some other people did not like the development as they were benefiting from a chaotic Kora.

In their lifetime, both Fitzjohn and Adamson reintroduced more than 30 lions and 10 leopards into the wild.

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