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White Buffalo Makes Scene in Tarangire

A strange colored Buffalo is currently making scene in Tarangire. But while the milky white animal complements a white giraffe previouslt spotted in the National Park, observers feel a sweeping statement about wildlife albinism is wearing thin

The White Buffalo in Tarangire (Photo: Jitu Soni)

Trust Tarangire National Park to come up with a new surprise when least expected.

This time a large white buffalo, Yes, Milky white buffalo has just emerged in the park, famous for its larger than life elephants.

Milkyway: Among the buffalos in Tarangire it doesn’t matter if you are Black or White

Former Member of the Parliament, Jitu Vrajlal Soni, during his visit in Tarangire was lucky enough to spot the rare white buffalo.

And no, It is not a Bison, but a Buffalo, albeit a large one, but with lighter shade of hide.

The Ex-Babati Rural Legislator even managed to capture a few shots of the wild animal grazing among other buffaloes.

Yes, the white Buffalo is white all over (Photo by Jitu Soni)

And when it comes to strange appearances of rare wildlife species, Tarangire seems to be holding a record of its own.

Omo is a white giraffe living in the Tarangire. It was spotted at tender age and managed to survive into ripe age, despite being in the park filled will types of predators.

In yet another strange development, in Tarangire National Park, Eloise an elephant considered to the oldest at 58 set the global record of giving birth to twins, in 2018.

And then again, suddenly a white Buffalo makes scene in the Park.

So far the usual generalized sweeping statement is to the effect that the rare white Buffalo must be ‘an albino’ species.

Omo, the white Giraffe of Tarangire

However as more and more strange coloured wildlife species continue to emerge from various National Parks and Game Reserves in the country, observers feel it is high time for a deep research.

In 2014 a white buffalo was spotted in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, but without follow-up, nothing was heard of the animal ever since

The White Buffalo species are sacred to many Native Americans.

The Native Americans have legends about White buffalo, which are extremely rare. According to the myth, a white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. One man was respectful towards her, but there was another man who disrespected the lady. The one who was disrespectful to the woman was reduced into a pile of bones. She then awarded the respectful brave man with a musical pipe, and then taught him special tunes.

Will this former Babati Member of Parliament, Jitu Soni be taught a new tune?


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