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Kilimanjaro Climbers to Get Digital Certificates Implanted with QR Codes, Personal Photos

If you climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in the past and got awarded with a certificate for reaching the summit, maybe it is time to return to the Mountain for yet another trekking adventure.

This time however, it should be specifically for acquiring a new, better looking, digitized Mountain certificate.

The latest, machine readable, accreditation documents, come completely embedded with coloured photos.

The certificates are essentially superior trophies that anybody would proudly want to hang on their mantelpiece, compared to the previous documents.

An official dispatch from the Management of Kilimanjaro National Park signed by the KINAPA’s Commanding Officer, the Assistant Commissioner of Conservation, Angela Nyaki, states that new Mountain Certificates will be issued through the Park’s reservation system

“Tour Operators will be obliged to enter correct information of the particular visitor or climber in the system during reservation.

Members of the Equal Playing Field who once organized a soccer match on Mount Kilimanjaro. They may want a new document for the mantelpiece

The Information to be filed should include the Name, Nationality, Gender, Age, the Tour Company, the Names of Mountain guides and Photos of the climber, among other particulars.

Visitor’s particulars entered in the reservation system by Tour operators will later be downloaded during the production of the new mountain certificates.

Mount Kilimanjaro officials are insisting that all Tour operators should ensure that all the entered details are correct and the information of respective climbers including photos accurate.

Apparently all the information provided will appear in the latest versions of the climber’s Certificates.

Also in the new certificates, some of detailed particulars of the climber can be viewed by scanning QR Codes, embedded onto the certificates; the code is among the key new features in the latest certificates, soon to be issued.

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