Tanzania has 5.2 Million Active Facebook User in 2022, Ranks Number Eleven in Africa

There are 5.2 Million active Facebook users in Tanzania as of the latest 2022 figures, obtained from the ‘World Population review.’

The country is not among the Top-ten African nations by active Facebook users 2022. In fact Tanzania is number 11 on the list, taking the 56th position in the global ranking.

Egypt is the leading ‘Facebook’ country in Africa with 48.8 million users in 2022, ranking in the 11th position globally.

Nigeria is in the second position with 31.8 million users and is placed on the 20th position worldwide.

How many Facebook users are in Africa? How Many Facebook users are in Tanzania? We are publishing this Facebook report at the time when the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his 38th Birthday and the world marks the International World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

The Tanzania Times Management, May 2022

Algeria, accounting for 25.1 million Facebook users comes third in Africa, ranking 28th globally.

South Africa is Fourth as far as Facebook usage in Africa is concerned, it has 24.6 million active subscribers and the country is placed 29th globally.

Coming fifth in Africa, is Morocco a country with 21.7 million active Facebook users. It ranks on the 31st position in the world so far.

Kenya tops all other East African states with 10.4 million Facebook users, a number which places the country on the 6th position on the continent and 35th globally.

At number seven in Africa is Tunisia. The country has 8.1 million Facebook users, ranking at number 41 in the world.

Ghana, with 7.9 million Facebook users in 2022 is the eighth African country, which ranks at number 43 in the world.

Ethiopia has 6.7 million active Facebook subscribers, taking the 9th position in Africa and ranking on the 46th slot globally.

Closing the continent’s Top-Ten is Ivory Coast, which has 5.8 million active Facebook users and ranking 54th globally.

Other African countries with considerable number of Facebook users, include Tanzania (5.2 Million), Cameroon (4.2 million), Senegal (3.8 million), DR Congo (3.8 million), Uganda (3.3 million), Madagascar (2.8 million), Angola (2.8 million), Mozambique (2.7 million), Zambia (2.5 million) and Somalia (2 million).

World Population Review