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US warns Americans Against Flying To Tanzania, France, For Christmas

It seems the United States doesn’t want its people traveling from the US to celebrate Christmas holidays in Tanzania, this season, citing Covid-19 concerns.

But it is not just Tanzania. Uncle Sam feels, France, Jordan and Portugal are also not safe shores to land on. At least for the end-of-the year travellers hailing from the United States.

Santa Claus has wrapped up some destinations for Americans to avoid this Christmas

The United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is not stopping there either. CDC has also compiled a long list of countries deemed ‘not safe’ to venture into, as the new Omicron Covid Variant gets reported in some areas.

Infact, there are 83 destinations that the US Travel Advisory placed at the “Level 4: Very High” category.

Destinations classified as Level 4 ‘Very High,’ by the United States CDC are where there are 500 or more new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents within a 28-day time period.

Americans are thus advised to avoid traveling to any country with Level 4 status. But if it is a must to do so, then travellers are advised to be fully vaccinated before departure.

The new Covid-19 variant was first reported in South Africa, late last month.

However, Tanzania, through the Ministry of Health stated that Omicron was yet to be detected in the country.

Except, an Indian traveller who landed in New Delhi, allegedly having flown from Dar-es-salaam, was reported to be infected with the new Covid Variant.

Still, Indian authorities are still tracing the places where the 37-year-old returnee could have ventured into before, or after leaving Tanzania, so as to be certain where exactly he might have picked up the virus.

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