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Mount Kilimanjaro Peaks Covered With Glaciers Again. However …

After several months of the greyish and almost barren peaks on Africa’s highest Mountain, glaciers are once more covering both Kibo and Mawenzi summits of Kilimanjaro.

At least, the mountain summits spots the usual snow-white color where their outlines contrast the blue sky.

Three months ago, while filming episodes for the forthcoming ‘Royal Tour – Tanzania,’ President Samia Suluhu flew over Kilimanjaro and expressed shock after seeing the almost barren peaks.

Now the ice cover seems to be back on the Mountain, but for how long?

But also how deep are the glaciers?

That is probably what the expedition of nearly 150 people currently scaling Mount Kilimanjaro are about to find out.

Led by the former Chief of Defense Forces, Retired General George Waitara, the team is heading towards the Uhuru Peak summit as part of the celebrations for the country’s 60th Anniversary of Independence.

General Waitara is also the Board Chair for Tanzania National Parks.

But back to the snow on the summit. It was first captured by a Pilot.

Working with the state carrier, Air-Tanzania, Captain Arif Jinnah who pilots the Airbus A220 has the tradition of snapping Kilimanjaro peaks as he flies by.

This time he took four shots of the mountain as the two flagship summits displayed white sheets of ice. He then posted a few words on his Twitter Page.

“The Ice is Back on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is just the season and the weather that makes the difference. This is today morning. Looking closely you might be able to see the hot air balloons flying betwen the two peaks.”

Captain Arif Jinnah
Hot Air Baloon hovering over Kilimanjaro (Photo Courtesy of Aafeez Jivraj)

Indeed hot air balloons have been flying over the two Kilimanjaro summits.

We were not able to identify the two, rather happy helium fliers, but we gathered from the Facebook page of ‘Tanzania for Wildlife,’ courtesy of Aafeez Jivraj that the feat was the first since a similar attempt was made back in 1974.

But you don’t have to fly an Airbus like Captain Arif or float in a helium propelled basket in order to spor the snow white peaks of Kili. Somebody captured the glaciers from Moshi Town, down below.

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