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Aerial Search for Missing Pilot and His Plane Halted

The Pilot and his plane have been missing for more than eight weeks now. Can the young man be still surviving in the forest? Did he cross the southern border? Could he be dead? Will the flying mystery ever be solved?

Plane still missing after two months

The Aerial serch for the missing plane which disappeared with its pilot has been temporarily halted.

It may not be good signal, considering that, the young pilot and the aircraft he was manning disappeared nearly eight weeks ago.

The disappeared Pilot is Samwel Gibuyi, aged 31.

He is among the employees working with Pams Foundation, a conservation organization.

Gibuyi went missing on October 18, 2021, while flying his plane from Matemanga Village in Ruvuma to Selous Game Reserve, to join fellow workers in search of black rhinos.

Apparently, both Gibuyi and his machine, failed to arrive as expected with the aircraft going missing from the control radars since then.

Samwel Gibuyi who missing story could be the mystery of the year

When contacted by email the PAMS Foundation, an organization which owns the missing plane and employed its pilot, confirmed that so far the search has been futile

“Not yet. As per the government notice on the matter, the aerial search has been put on pause. Some activities on the ground are (however) still taking place.”

Krissie Clark – Founder and Executive Director for PAMS Foundation
Did the Plane crash into the Selous?

Daniel Malanga,  is the acting director general of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and shortly after the plane went missing he said the incident was strange and rare.

For the rescue teams they were being challenged by the actual location of the missing plane, on that the aircraft happened to be quite small and flying at lower altitudes.

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