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From Paris 2024 To Los Angeles 2028, Tanzania Kicks Way Towards Future Olympics

Kicking its way towards the forthcoming Olympics 2024 and 2028, Tanzania is brushing up the country’s martial arts skills

Tanzania ready for international martial arts

It seems like Tanzania is fighting hard to have the country’s presence felt in the forthcoming two future Olympics Games as far as the Martial Arts sporting segment is concerned.

The Arusha-based National Taekwondo Federation has launched special sports project to recruit, train and prepare young martial artists to participate in the 2024 Olympics in France, as well as the 2028 Olympics in the United States.

A rather ambitious and long-term plan but to achieve that, young martial artists are already being singled out for training sessions in schools specially for that future milestone.

So, what boils here is that the Tanzania Taekwondo Federation (TTF) has hatched new school oriented Martial Arts program.

Under the initiative martial arts training will be impacted to pupils of Public Primary Schools across the country ready for the impending two future Olympics Games abroad.

The Tanzania Taekwondo Federation officials explains here that the federation now targets young children in order to groom green martial artists to empower the youth for them to partake in the future international Taekwondo competitions.

“We are in talks with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) as well as the Korean Embassy so that they may provide us with Taekwondo experts who will be training our trainer towards that objective; including initiating exchange products,” reads part of their statement.

Tanzania, is thus in preparation of country’s Taekwondo team which gets to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games to be held in France.

Budding martial artists are being groomed right from Primary Schools now.

Also the TTF is also launching new special standardized Taekwondo Syllabus which now replaces all the old manuals. This new benchmark is in line with the World Taekwondo Federation latest requirements.

Then comes the 2028 Olympics of Los Angeles, to be held in the United States.

That is where again Tanzania plans to send another Taekwondo team.

It means that future participants need to be children aged 10 years now who will be 17 years by then.

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