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Tanzania Army Disowns YouTube Clips, warns imposters

Actors who feigned the voice of the Chief of Defence Forces, General Venance Mabeyo, imposting him through some YouTube clips, have irked the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces.

The army has just released a statement, dosowning the clips and warning the culprits behind the scheme.

There some people (or groups of people) who are out to cause unrest by concocting false reports using faked voices. We are advising members of the Public to ignore and dismiss such reports. The army should never be involved or mixed in politics and it is also wrong for one to pose as Chief of Defense Forces online.

Lieutenant Colonel Gaudentius Gervas Ilonda – Acting Director of Information (TPDF)

The YouTube clips featuring superimposed audio over mixed photos on loop, purpoting that the Tanzanian Chief of Defence Forces was intervening in recent issue where the former Parliamentary Speaker, Job Ndugai was questioning the government decision to secure more loans abroad, thus increasing the national debt.

In response to that President Samia Suluhu, during her recent address to government officials, expressed dissatisfaction over the Speaker’s comments. The head of the parliament eventually resigned from his position.

Now some unkown people have produced YouTube clips trying to make people believe that the army was also stepping into the matter. The pranksters have even tried to immitate the General voice.

According to the Acting Director of Information for the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Gaudentius Ilonda, the Chief of Defence Forces, General Mabeyo has never issued any statement regarding the President of the United Republic of Tanzania or the recently resigned Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai.

In the statement, the army warned the people who are working to tarnish the image of the People’s Defence Forces as well as that of General Venance Mabeyo, insisting that the TPDF has never and will never get itself into politics.

“The army has responsibility to protect Tanzania and its people and property by guarding the country borders and works within its guidelines,” the TPDF statement maintained.

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