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Lady drowns in River as Torrential Rains pound Serengeti


Surging waves of water in the flooded River Tirina in Serengeti, has swept away before drowning, a woman identified as Nyakende Magesa aged 72 years.

The Lady, a resident of Nyamisingi Village in Serengeti District of Mara Region reportedly died after being swept by the gushing waters as she was attempting to cross the river after a heavy downpour.

According to the deceased’s son, Samuel Magessa, aged 35, his mother had gone to visit her friend who lives on the other side of River Tirina.

Apparently, it rained heavily while Nyakende was at her friend’s house.

When the rains abated the lady started getting back home, but at that time the river was swollen due to the downpour.

To make things worse, a road construction company had piled mounds of sand close to both the river and the adjacent road, causing more water to collect in the area.

The water had partially submerged the bridge and a section of the road.

As the lady tried to cross where she thought was a safe area, the raging river currency swept her off.

“In fact, I was passing near the area at almost the same time and saw many vehicles stuck at the site due to floods,” said Samuel.

There were crowds of people stranded in the area, most being travellers heading to either Bunda or Mugumu, whose vehicles were stuck at the river crossing.

Then as they stood at the bridge, suddenly someone shouted that a person was being swept by the river.

They rushed to the rescue but by the time they managed to pull the victim from the water, she was already dead.

The lady suffered serious head injuries because as the currency dragged her away, she banged on the rocks, logs and other water trapped debris.

The Chiraperson of Mtakuja Village, Gireba Kituwi said the lady’s death shocked the community but as per their tradition, when a person drowns, it is prohibited to mourn.

Mama Nyakende Magess was thus buried in silence.

Cases of people or vehicles being swept by river waters during rains, are common in the Serengeti plains.

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