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Diplomatic Golf 2022: The World Meets at Kiligolf in Arusha

All the roads lead to Arusha for the fourth installment of Diplomatic Golf Tournament.

The event, taking place in Arusha on September 24 and 25, 2022 has attracted nearly 150 players from twelve countries.

Staged at the Kilimanjaro Golf (Kiligolf) Course at the Usa-River Hills in Meru District, the Diplomatic Golf tourneys are usually organized by the Songea Mississippi Foundation (SOMI) in partnership with Kiligolf.

Madina Idd from Arusha Gymkhana is among the participants in the Diplomatic Golf 2022

The events staged on 18-holes Kiligolf course and estate, involving golfers from Tanzania, East Africa, the Continent and Overseas, are usually held on philanthropic missions to support vulnerable children.

The participants come from China, India, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South-Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United States of America (USA).

Event coordinator Reinafrida Rwezaura from the Songea Mississippi Foundation said this year’s theme is ‘Support Pregnant Girls to Go Back to School,’ in effort to support young pupils who are victims of early pregnancy.

Tanzanian clubs participating in the Diplomatic Golf 2022 include TPC Club of Moshi, Lugalo Golf of Dar-es-salaam, Morogoro Gymkhana Club, Arusha Gymkhana Club as well as the Dar-es-salaam Gymkhana Club.

The Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Mohamedi Mchengerwa is among the participants of the Fourth Diplomatic Golf event in Arusha this weekend.

Neema Olomi is a lady golfer from Gymkhana Club of Arusha who has been participating in all seasons of diplomatic golf events and winning in almost all of them.

“I am ready for this year’s golf event and in fact I have been taking the first and second positions during previous diplomatic golfs, this year won’t be an exception,” she said.

Neema was also the lady gross winner at the recently held TPC Golf Open in Kilimanjaro.

Another golfer, George Sembi from TPC Golf Club of Moshi, will also be participating in the Diplomatic Golf for the second time in row.

“Last year I was fourth, but this year I intend to climb higher and possibly win the event,” says Sembi.

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