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Russian Tourist, African Tourism Board, step into Nigerian Lady’s Zanzibar Saga

The web and online burning issue of the Nigerian lady tourist who claims to have suffered sexual violence during her stay in Zanzibar, is taking new turn, with emerging reports to the effect that the victim could actually be a scammer.

That aside, the Chairperson of the African Tourism Board (ATB), Cuthbert Ncube is reported to be seeking audience with authorities in Zanzibar to address the matter.

Ncube is also asking around for anybody who can produce all the necessary information on Zainab Oladehinde, the Nigerian belle who claims to have suffered sexual harassment in the isles, during her stay at the Warere Beach Hotel Sometimes in April, last year.

Zainab Oladehinde, the Nigerian Belle

The African Tourism Board official contacted the African Sports Tourism Week platform twice, seeking to communicate with anybody who knows something about Zainab.

Ncube, according to ASTW, expressed interest to address the issue with what he described to be the ‘Mayor of Zanzibar,’ though the isles may not have such title.

From Russia with testimony?

But a man confessing to be Russian tourist, who identified himself as ‘Alex’ is also circulating a video online, affirming that, the Nigerian girl did indeed rush into his room for refuge, after the alleged ordeal, that early morning of 18 April, 2021.

Alex and his partner were reportedly, lodging at the Warere Beach Hotel on the day that Zainab claims to have been attacked sexually.

In case you missed the original story it can be accessed HERE

Tripadvisor has just posted on its website telling visitors to first research more information of Warere Beach Hotel when making travel plans to Zanzibar.

Warere Beach Hotel Rankins used to average at 4.5 but now plummeted down to 1.5.

But how true are the claims lodged by the lady from Nigeria regarding the property, is something which still baffles many, especially due to the fact that she waited for 12 months before writing about the issue on Twitter.

On World Travel Awards’ results of 2021, Zanzibar topped the Beach Tourism Category in Africa.

A number of properties on the Island including Mnemba Island Resort and Hotel Verde all won awards.

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