Kissing Males on Zanzibar Beach Cause Protests in the Isles

News on what happened in Zanzibar.

A video clip featuring two Caucasian males kissing and fondling each other in broad daylight is raising furious protests among the residents in the culture sensitive Isles.

It seems like the two were also on some engagement occasion because one looked as if he was slipping a ring onto his partner’s finger.

The two male lovebirds were caught in the act along the beach front stretch of the East African archipelago, famous for sunbathing and historical tourism.

They are thought to have been guests at the Loop Resort.

Weather permitting, the couple, were dressed in beach-combing attire of short khaki pants and (possibly) white shirts during the saucy scene.

The video shows the two seemingly tourists playing romantic ‘tonsil tennis’ in public, unperturbed by the fact that some other people nearby watched in dismay.

Many people in Zanzibar Island as well as their counterparts on the mainland have been expressing disgust over the incident.

It gets worse now that clips of the two foreigners continue to go viral online especially on social media platforms.

In response to that, the Isles’ government has now been compelled to step into the matter.

The Zanzibar Tourism Department has just issued a statement.

In the official dispatch, the Executive Secretary of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, Hafsa H. Mbamba said the government was already on the case.

The Public statement from the Government of Zanzibar

The Tourism Commission Secretary adds that the necessary punitive measures will soon be taken against the offenders and their hosts.

According to Mbamba, the two men’s public exposure goes contrary to the Section 27 (2) of the Zanzibar Tourism Act Number 6.

As far as the statement is concerned, the two males were filmed at ‘The Loop Hotel’ beach located in Jambiani section of Southern Unguja Region.

The Loop, a beach front resort is located right at the heart of Jambiani village.

The property adjoins a fine white sand beach that extends north and south for several kilometres of the Indian Ocean coastline.

The incident comes five months after the incident of a Nigerian lady who raised deadly claims against one of the hotels in the Isles.