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TAZARA Suspends Passenger Services After Private train derails in Zambia

The Tanzania- Zambia Railways has been forced to temporarily suspending passenger train services in Zambia after a private train from Tanzania, which uses TAZARA lines crashed on the tracks.

The freight train with various goods on board was involved in an accident at the Msanza-Kapwila area in Nakonde District with the incident damaging the railway lines.

As it happens, the ill-fated train is operated by African Inland Container Depot (AFICD), a Tanzanian private freight company.

Apparently, private locomotive, a freight train number A779, Loco No.3009/3019 has an ‘Open Access,’ rights to use the Tanzania-Zambia (TAZARA) infrastructure.

The train, comprising two locomotives and 26 wagons, was transporting 1,414 metric tons of cargo from the Port of Dar es Salaam to Ndola, Zambia.

The accident happened on a curve at KM-1004, between Msanza and Kapwila Stations in Zambia, where 19 wagons capsized resulting in track damages involving 520 railway concrete sleepers and 52 rails.

We regret to announce the suspension of passenger services in Zambia due to the accident which occurred on 22 September 2022 at 09:45 hours, involving a Tanzanian based private railway operator AFICD.

An official statement from Conrad Simuchile of the TAZARA Public Relations Unit in Dar es Salaam, affirms the suspension of passenger transport services.

Fortunately, there were neither deaths nor injuries on human personalities both on the train or around the scene of the crash.

However, authorities in Zambia are launching investigations to determine the cause of the accident.

Consequently, the railway lines’ section between Msanza and Kapwila is temporarily closed for repairs.

As the result therefore services between Kasama and Nakonde, according to TAZARA management in Zambia, shall remain suspended until further notice.

The Authority is working around the clock to ensure that normal train services are restored as quickly as possible.

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