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Parmars Sports Assists Soccer Academies In Reaping Benefits from Overseas Clubs

Tanzania has been losing billions for failing to cash in from the country’s young footballers being drafted to play overseas.

Now the country is correcting the mistake by commissioning experts to assist in tapping from this soccer golden goose.

The whole process starts with the Future Stars Academy of Arusha and the Alliance Sports of Mwanza.

Both youth grooming soccer institutes are enlisting services of an Internationally acclaimed Sports Attorney.

The International Sports Lawyer is in the country to assist in the talent development, contracts and registration for young footballers from Tanzania onto overseas soccer teams.

Dev Kumar Parmar is an international sports lawyer and Principal Director at Parmars Sports which operates in both Spain and the United Kingdom.

“It is an honor for me to assist sports and young academies from Tanzania because my Mother is from Moshi, Tanzania while my father hails from Kenya,” says Parmar.

Apparently he has passion to work with young footballers in East Africa.

Future Stars Academy Director, Alfred Itaeli (Left) presenting a Sports Shirt to the International Sports Lawyer, Dev Parmar (right) as sign of future cooperation between the two institutions (Photo Yasinta Lukezo)

Future Stars Academy of Arusha has a number of young players fielding for international teams overseas.

These include Sebastian Mbise playing for Brookeshouse College in the UK, and Karim Swedi who is at the East Central Community College in the United States.

There is also Novatus Dismas from FSA in Arusha who has just signed a three-years’ contract with SV Zulte Weregen of Belgium.

The Academy is now bringing in an International Sports Lawyer to ensure that the legal procedures surrounding the overseas contracts of such players are adhered to as required.

Dev explains that he is discussing with both the Director of Future Stars of Arusha, Alfred Itaeli and the Chairperson of Alliance Sports Academy of Mwanza, Nyaitati Stephano.

It is regarding some of the international rules affecting small grassroots academies.

“If a player moves from local club to an overseas team, they should know and understand how and when they are entitled to claim money or payment upon such enrolments,” he stated, adding that the ability of players, the process of the transfers and the value of the act.

According to Parmar, even bigger and better established clubs sometimes don’t understand the procedures in making claims or how much money is involved in the transactions and where or when to make claims.

“Millions of dollars are left unclaimed annually because most clubs in Africa do not know how, where and when to ask for payments,” said Dev. He also pointed out that clubs need to know where not to make claims as well.

Dev Kumar Parmar is an internationally experienced sports lawyer and academic, with previous experience as a football intermediary

“The first thing the club or academy needs to focus on is proper and effective registrations of players. It is a very simple thing but remains a problem which occurs time and time again in Africa, Asia, Europe and even in America,” said Parmar.

The FSA Director, points out that, for many years some unscrupulous self-made agents have been grabbing players from academies and selling them off to bigger teams earning big money while the people who groom the talents earn nothing.

“We now want to document everything and enlist our players through proper channels to ensure that we get credited and benefit from the performances of the youths we groom here,” maintained Alfred Itaeli.

He appealed to the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to also start assisting clubs on the matter.

On his part, the Chairperson of Alliance Sports Academy of Mwanza, Nyaitati Stephano, admitted that, some players who shone in their team, came from Future Stars and the two academies have been in mutual cooperation.

“Alliance has produced a total of Nine young soccer players fielding for international teams, some of whom were taken from FSA in Arusha,” said Stephano.

Stephano added that their major concern is how to earn from their products that get recruited abroad including earning commissions, compensations and solidarity funds from there.

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