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Qatar Fields Tanzania originated Footballer in FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 is here. For the first time it will be staged in the Middle East. For the first time a soccer player with Tanzanian roots will feature in it.

Qatar 2022

Akram Hassan Afif whose origin can be traced back to Tanzania, plays for the Qatar National team in the forthcoming World Cup 2022.

The International Football Tournament gets staged, for the first time, in the Middle East. FIFA World Cup 2022 sets stadiums blazing in November.

Now, as it happens, the Qatar National Team has one standing out fielder, Akram Afif.

Akram Afif Hassan the footballer who originated from Tanzania, plays for Qatar teams.

But there are conflicting reports regarding where exactly Akram could have been born. As there were people who thought the soccer star was born in Dar-es-salaam.

However, latest reports are to the effect that Akram was actually born in Doha, on the 18th of November 1996 to be precise.

But both his parents happen to be former residents of Dar-es-salaam who had moved from Tanzania to the Middle-East Country.

It was not a direct change of residency either. The family after leaving Tanzania, they initially settled in Somalia.

Documentations indicate that Akram’s official place of birth is …well.. in the Middle-East.

His father and mother were however born and at one time lived in Tanzania.

Anyway, Akram will be playing for Qatar in the forthcoming World Cup games.

Coincidentally the footballer will be hitting 26 years of age by the time the FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off in Qatar.

Professional footballer, Akram Hassan Yahya Afif serves as a left-winger for Qatari club Al Sadd and the Qatar national team.

Akram is considered to be one of the most promising players to emerge from Qatar and will be showing off skills during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Akram’s father, Hassan Afif, was born in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, that is in Northern parts of Tanzania, despite being of Somali descent.

Hassan Afif is also a professional soccer player, albeit a retired one, having previously fielded for the Simba Sports Club (SSC) team of Dar-es-salaam.

After playing for Simba in Tanzania, Hassan later migrated to Somalia where he again fielded for Horseed and the Somalia national team, before moving to Qatar and playing for Al Ittihad team.

Hassan would be later naturalized as a Qatari citizen. He retired from playing but still managed some football teams.

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