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‘No Sighted Rhino in Nyerere Park,’ says Tanzanian Tourism Ministry

Despite having Rhino tracking teams at Nyerere National Park. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania refutes reports regarding the allegedly recently sighted female black Rhino in the vast reserve.

The Tanzania Times on its March 4, publication, highlighted a story which brought to light the issue of the Rhino.

Quoting one of the wildlife experts in the park, the story said a black rhino have been frequently spotted in the country’s largest National Park, following an interview with wildlife expert, Dr Asantael Melita in the area.

However a statement from the Ministry says the park ‘Has no Rhinos’ and that claims to that effect were unsubstantiated.

On the other hand, the Frankfurt Zoological Society, where Dr Melita was working during the interview, sent their communications Officer, Samira Haji to explain the issue with our writer in Arusha and insisted that said they were not aware of the issue.

“We were not consulted by Dr Melita over the matter,” said Samira.

Previously the FZS had released a harsh statement condemning the publication.

Later the official statement from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism came out advising that the story which has now gone viral both in the country and international, should BE IGNORED (sic).

A statement (In Kiswahili) from the Ministry

But while the two parties vehemently refute the existence of a Rhino in the new Nyerere National Park, other people are on view that, more search teams should be dispatched into the vast wildeness to find out for sure.

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