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Tanzanian students in Ukraine Using Russia base for homebound flights

Moscow has given green light for Tanzanian students attending the Sumy State University in Ukraine, to start crossing into Russia where further arrangements are being made for their flights back to Dar-es-Salaam.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dar-es-salaam indicates that the two Tanzanian Embassies in Stockholm, Sweden and Moscow Russia respectively have made official arrangements enabling the stranded scholars in the troubled Ukraine leave the country peacefully.

Suny Ukraine, during its better days (File Photo)

“The Government of Russia has issued permission to all Tanzanian students wanting to escape from Ukraine to cross through its borders,” reads part of the statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The release is not mentioning the number of students that are expected to be ferried from Ukraine to Tanzania, via Russia, under this arrangement.

However early reports had revealed that there were at least 300 Tanzanians stuck in Ukraine.

The residents, mostly students, were supposed to start vacating Kyiv through Poland, alongside other foreigners vacating the country, but until now it is still not clear how many of them have managed to get back home.

There 200 other East Africans from Kenya and 100 Ugandan residents as well as over 90 people from Rwanda said have been stuck in Ukraine.

Recently the African Union released a statement condemning mistreatment of people from Africa in Ukraine after videos showing them being harassed in their attempt to leave the country.

The Arusha-based, East African Community in a recent release also claimed to be working with diplomatic missions in Eastern Europe to find ways to bringing back residents that were still stranded in Ukraine.

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