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‘All’ Tanzanian Households are managed by People without any formal Education

Over 97 percent of all households in Tanzania are headed by people with ‘No Formal Education,’ at all or just the basic Primary Level of Education. The Tanzania Times can confirm.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of Households being headed by graduates with University Degrees is just 1 Percent.

The ‘Education Level of Household Head and Poverty,’ report indicates that, Household Heads with Lower Secondary Education accounts for 6.3 Percent, while those with upper level of Secondary Education are 7.9 percent.

Heads of Household without any type of formal education account for 35.5 percent.

Those that enrolled but did not complete Primary Education are 35.0 percent.

At least 26 percent have completed the basic Primary level of Education (passing notwithstanding).

Graduate Heads of Households in Tanzania? Well, Just 1.1 percent.

Tanzania has an estimated 9.2 million households, with more than 6 million of these being located in Rural Areas.

At the current estimations, the country’s population should be hitting the 60 million mark. Over 80 percent of the residents also live in rural areas.

Population distribution per household should be at an average of 4.7 people in a home.

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