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Idd Amin’s Son, Spurs controversy over his gravely attacks on Mwalimu Nyerere

The Son of former Ugandan President, Idd Amin Dada, has come under fire from angry members of public, following his recent attacks on Tanzania’s founding President, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Through series of social media posts, Hussein Lumumba Amin, rains negative accusations against the late Julius Nyerere.

He first labels Mwalimu as ‘Dictator.’

Hussein then accuses the former Tanzanian leader for ‘colluding’ with Milton Obote, in toppling the late Idd Amin’s regime.

Except he is now facing furious backlashes from various people who are reacting negatively against his posts, many being residents of his own country, Uganda.

Hussein Lumumba Amin (Left), attacks Nyerere (Bottom Right) for allegedly toppling Idd Amin (Top Right)

They are breathing fire onto Amin Junior, reminding him of how his father, during his reign, had tortured and killed his subjects.

Lumumba vehemently denies the long-existed mass murdering claims against his father.

Hussein described Obote, who was the first President of Uganda as tyranny who overthrew the country’s legitimate independence leader in 1966. The son of Amin however did not mention his father’s own military coup of 1971.

Amin reportedly invaded Tanzania in November 1978 resulting into the Uganda War which ended in April 1979.

Tanzanian army defeated Idd Amin’s troop, forcing the former Ugandan leader to flee from the country.

The irate Hussein Lumumba Amin, seems hurt by the outcome. He lashes out at Nyerere for ruling Tanzania for 25 years (Actually Mwalimu ruled for 23 years), which he termed as evidence of dictatorship.

Hussein Amin is on view that, Nyerere used an iron fist camouflaged under ‘his draconian’ Umoja Policy to put the country on leash.

Though Nyerere and Amin were indeed arch enemies, their sons Jaffer Remo Amin and Godfrey Madaraka Nyerere, decided to bury the bloodline hatchet. The two even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together in 2009.

After their BBC trumpeted, Kilimanjaro adventure, Amin and Nyerere juniors, shot the 2014 documentary, ‘Sons of Africa’ directed by Jim Becket for ‘Journeyman Pictures Limited.’

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