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Mobile Internet Speed Tests: Halotel beats other Network providers in Tanzania

Which is the fastest Mobile Internet Speed in Tanzania?

Tanzania Times

Global Speedtest Intelligence survey indicates that Halotel is the mobile operator with fastest download speed in Tanzania.

The survey conducted in the first quarter of the year 2022, ranks Halotel in the first position, beating the other five providers in Tanzania.

The Report was released through Ookla’s Quarter One, Internet Performance Report in the country.

It covers Tanzania’s mobile and fixed networks, with results being based on data from Speedtest.

The Vietnam originated, Viettel based, carrier was found to have with a median download speed of 17.84 Mbps, thus the fastest in the country as far as mobile data department is concerned.

Vodacom was ranked second with 12.09 Mbps mobile download speed, nearly 6 Mbps slower than Halotel.

Halotel tops data speed test in Tanzania (Tanzania Times)

That is despite the fact that Vodacom commands the largest market share in mobile network penetration.

Airtel Tanzania takes the third position with a median download speed of 10.6 Mbps.

The state-owned, Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL), ranks in the fourth position with Median Download Speed of 10.42 Mbps.

With a measly download speed of 5.99 Mbps, Tigo is second from last as far as Mobile Internet Speeds in Tanzania are concerned.

Tigo, which started out as Mobitel in 1998 is essentially the oldest provider in Tanzania but one which is yet to learn speed lessons.

Coincidentally, Tigo’s sister company, Zantel tags last with 4.31 Mbps.

Speedtest Global Index rankings are based on median download speed to best reflect the speeds a user is likely to achieve in a particular market.

All mobile network providers in Tanzania claim to offer fourth generation (4G) top download speeds though this only found in a few selected areas, with most of the time connections falling to 3G or 2G.

On the other hand, Mwanza showed the fastest median mobile download speed among Tanzania’s most populous cities.

The Rock City was found to record a whopping median download speed of 13.76 Mbps recorded during the first quarter of 2022.

Arusha is second with 12.47 Mpbs download Speed.

Dar es Salaam with a download speed of 11.79 Mbps ranks third in the country.

Mbeya is fourth with 11.65 Mbps of download speed, while Dodoma is slotted fifth at 9.44 Mpbs.  

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