Italians Drive The Only Korean Car for The African Rally Championship in Tanzania

‘Italian Job?’ Well, not exactly. The Italian motorsports team appearing in the Tanzania Atlantic Rally is not racing in a Fiat, a Ferrari or an Alfa Romeo.

Piero Canobbio an Italian driver based in Mombasa,

Kenya and Co-Driver Fabrizia Pons from Italy are competing in a Hyundai I20 R5.

The Korean set of wheels is badged with Number 111 on its doors.

Theirs is the only ‘Hyundai’ in the African Rally Championship event taking place in Northern Tanzania.

The two are also the only Italian drivers on the ARC Round 4 racing tracks of Arusha.

But their Hyundai car is not the only ‘lonely’ brand in the Fourth Round of FIA African Rally Championship.

A Skoda Proto, racing under that Hari Singh Rally team is another distinguished sole car model participating in the Tanzania Atlantic Rally,

Gurjit Dhani from Tanzania, with his Kenyan navigator Riyaz Ismail, happens to be racing in the one and only Skoda.

The ‘Tanzania Atlantic Rally,’ has a fleet of 35 racing machines being flagged off from the Mount Meru Hotel grounds, located along the main Moshi-Arusha road.

Speaking of ‘Lonely Cars’ being dipped in the sea of mostly Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles, there are also lonely drivers in the ARC, at least gender wise.

Maxin Wahome is the only lady driver battling the terrain out against male veterans dominating. But then, she is also the only female rally motorist on the continent so far.

Maxin Wahome: Driving a Fiesta is not a Siesta

She races in a Ford Fiesta R3 with her trusted Co-Driver, Murage Waigwa, the car has number 103 on the doors.

Apparently it is Ford Fiesta cars that have been winning all races in the preceding African Rally Championship events.

The Ford Fiesta R5 commissioned under the Gomes Racing Team of Zambia, is the car which won in the First Round of ARC in Ivory Coast under stewardship of Leroy Gomes and Urshlla Gomes.

The Zambian team is also in Arusha for the fourth round of the ARC racing via the Tanzania Atlantic Rally.

Event Director for ARC Tanzania, Satinder Birdi (Right) and the representative of the Atlantic Rally sponsors, Sharan Aggarwal, during a Press Conference at Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha