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France, Netherlands, Biggest Consumers of Avocados from Tanzania

People in The Netherlands simply love the buttery berries from Tanzania but so are the French.

That’s according to an overview of the export of Avocados from Tanzania as released by ‘Avocado Tanzania,’ the organization which connects Tanzanian avocado farmers with global export markets.

The Netherlands buys 4500 kilograms of Avocados from Tanzania, according to ‘Avocado Tanzania,’ with reference to the 2021 sales figures announced by the Tanzania Revenue Authority.

France, on the other hand, is the second biggest importer of Avocados from Tanzania, accounting for 1800 kilograms.

Also buying the same amount of buttery fruits is the immeadite neighboring country of Kenya, which consumes 1800 tons of Avocadoes from Tanzania.

The buttery berries from Tanzania are loved in the Netherlands

Tanzanian Avocados exported to the United Kingdom reach 1700 kilograms. While those shipped to the United Arab Emirates are to the tune of 700 kilograms.

Despite growing their own, South Africa which is top grower of the fruits in Africa, still buys Avocadoes from Tanzania, accounting for 400 kilograms of the fruit shipment.

Tanzania also sends some other 1350 kilograms of Avocados to other countries.

Reports from the Tanzania Horticulture Association indicate that the country’s  flagship horticultural produce include Avocados from the Southern Highlands, French Beans and Fresh Cut flowers.

On the other hand, the hottest product on global horticulture trade at the moment is the Avocados commanding great demand and market value of USD 13 Billion.

However the demand reportedly continues to escalate and soon the global value for the butter fruit berry is focused to hit the USD 23 billion mark.

So far Tanzania is the only country in the region which can supply Avocados to international markets and these fruits mostly originate from Southern Highlands.

Europe consumes more than a million metric tons of avocados per annum and projections indicate upwards trend in the next 10-15 yrs.

Tanzanian has favourable climate for Avocados’ farming.

Farmers in the country only need 63 litres of water, to grow the fruit while other parts of the World growers are forced to use 2,000 litres to produce 1 kilogram of the avocado.

Tanzania is the third largest avocado produce in Africa, after South Africa and Kenya.

The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) estimates that the country’s avocado exports reached 11,237 tonnes, or 510 containers worth USD 33 million in 2021

Tanzania’s horticultural sectors accounts for 38 percent of total Agricultural exports. However, ground handling and transport remain a major challenge with post harvest loss being estimated to be around 40 percent.

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