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Tanzania Train Crash Kills Four, Injures 130. Loose Tracks Derails Wagons At Tabora

At least four passengers, among them two children have lost their lives following tragic train accident which occurred at Malolo section of Tabora Region, Wednesday Noon.

The Tanzania Railways Corporation Locomotive was traveling from Kigoma, at the shores of Lake Tanganyika, heading to the Indian Ocean Coastal City of Dar-es-salaam.

Early reports from the scene of the accident reveal that, at least 132 people who were onboard, have also been injured in the accident.

A spokesperson for the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC), Jamila Mbarouk stated that the Train with engine Number Y14 departed from Kigoma in the night of Tuesday, June 21, 2022 for the Dar-es-salaam bound journey.

The locomotive was hauling eight carriages among them five passenger wagons, a buffet car, a break van and freight wagon.

The ill-fated train had a total of 930 people on board. It is reported that a piece of metal plank was loosely connected onto tracks and caused the locomotive to derail.

After traveling for 15 hours, the train reached Tabora, but crashed at Malolo, some ten kilometers away after departing from Station.

So far the TRC Management is yet to officially confirm the cause of the train accident.

The Tabora crash happens to be the worst train accident since the one which occurred in 2002 in Dodoma, when wagons derailed and overturned killing hundreds.

Early this year, another train crashed in Pangani section of Tanga killing a child who was on board.

The Locomotive engine number 9022 which was pulling passenger wagons was involved in the accident on early hours of Sunday, the 16th of January 2022.

The Tanzania Railways Corporration (TRC), train had departed from the Arusha station in the afternoon of Saturday, the 15th of January 2022 at about 2.30 pm with 700 passengers on board.

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