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Why African Soccer Teams Never win the World Cup

The ‘Dark Continent,’ and the World Cup 

People in Africa love football and are currently glued on their Television Sets or Smartphones watching the FIFA World Cup 2022 Tourney taking place in Qatar.

But why haven’t African Teams been able to win World Cup?

On three occasions, African teams have advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals, but the promise of Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana has crumbled as the glow of a place in the final has loomed large.

For the first time since 1982, no African team made it past the group stages in the 2018 world Cup. 

Why African teams fail at the FIFA World Cup remains a big mystery.

Despite boasting of brilliant individual players, playing and winning as a team is any African Nation’s biggest letdown.

Most African teams show a great deal of promise in football but miserably fail at most international leagues including the World Cup.

As it happens African teams enter the tournament thinking they will do well simply because they have some individually talented players.

Each time, the devastation of failure has been tempered by the suggestion that the continent’s talent was developing and that following tournaments would see a genuine improvement.

On the other hand, the World Cup is often perceived as a bit of a closed shop.

It is usually the same suspects who end up troubling the latter stages, competing for the ultimate prize. 

The only ‘first timers’ in the final since 1974 have been Spain and France, both of whom had previously won the European Championship.

African nations have historically been hesitant to trust indigenous coaches with their national sides on the world’s greatest stage. 

Maybe for this world Cup African teams should aim to put a team in the semi-finals for the first time.

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