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What happened to this Giant bus Company in Kenya?

Eldoret Express Company Limited

The once prevalent, household name and bus transport giant is slowly creeping into extinction to follow the likes of its predecessors such as Akamba, Mbukinya, and Kenya Witness bus companies.

Writes Alkaline Newton at Bus World Africa.

Although the management has succeeded in keeping it a secret from the public for long, thanks to hawk-eyed journalists who dared to plunge into the sacred pond to investigate its shady bottom. 

These journalists have been paying impromptu visits to the factories’ junkyards which are manned 24/7 to prevent unauthorized entry and vandalism, where hundreds of bus scraps rest, that are but empty, rusty husks that are slowly being reclaimed by nature. 

End of the road

With torn leather, missing wheels, stolen window panes, and rusty metals, what will soon be left of the buses will be heaps of brown matter hidden beneath thick shoves of vegetation and manure. 

Though the company has got several other such junkyards scattered across the country, only two; one in Juja and the other in Kiungani along the Kitake – Kiminini section have come to the radar.

These two have so far managed to reveal the sad affair the company could be grappling with at the moment.

In the past, people in Kenya were made to believe that the company belonged to the Kenyatta family.

However, if that was the case, owing to the current situation, the royal family which owns nearly 40 percent of the countries’ wealth would not have seated back and watched in total silence as one of their family investments slowly sank into dark alleys called extinction.

The matter is still under investigation but one thing is clear: if any transport company ever went under, they did so because of two vibrant factors: mounting debts and mismanagement.

Those are core reasons that are universal across all giant business icons. 

Despite some of Eldoret Express company workers having confirmed the existence of such enormous debts they are currently shouldering, the company’s CEO was swift to refute the allegations, confiding to a journalist that such debts are manageable, and their clients should not worry.

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