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Uganda Apologizes after Museveni’s Son threatens to attack Kenya

Top Gun? The just Promoted General Muhoozi Kainerugaba of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces has stirred trouble for threatening an attack onto the neighboring country of Kenya.

Boasting to be able to beat and defeat Kenya’s army in his lunch hour, General Kainerugaba however assured members of the Kenyan armed forces that they will be safe after conquering their country.

The General, who also happens to be the son of Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, has been threatening to annex parts of Kenya which he considers belonging to his country.

The Ugandan First Son tweeted that he would capture Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City then take his wife for the Metropolitan’s tour which by the then will be a district of Uganda.

And that was not all…

The Ugandan First Son wrote on his tweeter handler about the future East African Country, possibly insinuating that the next stop in his conquering mission is to bring all the seven East African Community (EAC) Member states under Entebbe State House.

According to Muhoozi, his father, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will then be the President of East Africa.

Kenya’s Head of State, William Samoei Ruto will be made Vice President of the new country.

Retired Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta will be made Minister of Foreign Affairs as far as Muhoozi is concerned.

With his father at the helm, Kainerugaba says he will settle for being the Chief of Defense Forces in the new United East African Country.

Funny enough, last March the same General Muhoozi Kainerugaba had announced to quit the army.

The first son, according to many observers, could have been carried away by the army promotion gift which his father had bestowed to him.

Uganda Apologizes Meekly

Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign affairs later issued an official statement distancing the country from the son of the President’s outbursts.

The statement did the best to play safe, obviously fearing the offending First Son than the offended country.

General Kainerugaba, meanwhile, deleted all his infuriating tweets.

The Idd Amin Factor

Former Ugandan Leader Idd Amin had previously also threatened to annex Kenya.

It was in 1976 when the Entebbe Dictator claimed that it was his duty as the supreme commander of the Ugandan Armed Forces, to liberate his country’s territories.

Many of the alleged Ugandan territoties were mostly in western Kenya and Rift Valley.

Half a century Museveni’s son is repeating the same threat.

Amin had wanted back all Kenyan districts that were part of Uganda before the colonial re-demarcation of the territorial boundaries.

These included Turkana, part of Lake Turkana, West Pokot, Tranz-Nzioa, Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega, Central Nyanza, South Nyanza, Narok, Kisii, Kericho, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo, Marakwet, Nyandarua, Nandi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Tambach, Maji Moto, Maji Mazuri, Gilgil, Nakuru, Lake Baringo and Naivasha.

Tanzania News Network (TNN)

Amin figured that Uganda’s borders were beyond Juba and Torit in the Sudan and all areas of western Kenya, up to about 30 km from Nairobi.

He claimed that these areas were very fertile and produced nearly all the wealth in Kenya.

A couple of days after his remarks, a mass demonstration was organized at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park, where Mzee Jomo Kenyatta declared that Kenya would deal ruthlessly with neighbors who publicly expressed “their sinister intentions”.

Although Amin clarified that he had no intention of going to war but would write to the Queen of England Elizabeth II, to demand an explanation.

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