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Protestors lash at Kenyan envoy to Namibia for Gunning down Wildlife

Can a Jew eat Pork outside Israel? Can an Arabian Sheikh drink alcohol away from the Middle-East?

Those are typical questions that the Kenyan High Commissioner to Windhoek, Benjamin Langat must answer to appease the fury of fellow countrymen after he posed for a photo of himself standing against the blood-soaked carcass of what looked like a Greater Kudu.

It was previously wrongly reported to be an Eland antelope.

He obviously shot and killed the animal, judging from a rifle clutched in his right hand, as he smiled gleefully.

Apparently, Gaming hunting is illegal in Kenya, which means the envoy looked forward in getting out of his country to satisfy his hunting cravings.

And, the Kenyan High Commission argues against the hundreds of angry citizens who took onto digital platforms, protesting against his action.

Many are calling upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to recall the envoy from Windhoek.

Ben Lang’at: Hunter becomes hunted

Wildlife hunting happens to be legal in Namibia and the Kenyan envoy says he had acquired tracking permit.

Benjamin Langat however is being lashed at by Kenyans on social media.

They say he paints a bad picture that would violate Kenya`s commitment to wildlife conservation even though he acquired permission to hunt in Namibia.

Kenyans feel, the envoy should actually try to persuade the country to emulate his country’s example in banning wildlife killings.

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